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Hermosa Vineyards Winery

Palisade, Colorado

Hermosa Vineyards in Palisade is part of the Grand Valley AVA, an oasis in the desert. It is the heart and soul of Colorado's wine country. The vineyards in Palisade that support the wineries capitalize on hot sunlight-drenched days, cool nights, and water from the snow-capped peaks, of the upper Colorado River Basin, to grow some of the finest fruit available, anywhere.


If you like the great outdoors, fresh air, gorgeous views, and great wines, come visit the winery in Palisade. There is something for everyone here in the Grand Valley.

Hermosa Vineyards Timeline

The farm was purchased in 1993. It was an apple orchard at the time. As the picking cost for the apples exceeded the value of the apples, a lot of apple firewood was sold. In 1994, 15 different varieties of sweet cherries and 17 different grape varieties were planted at the main vineyard in Palisade. In 1997 we built the winery in Palisade. Another Palisade vineyard site was purchased in 2005 and was planted in 2006. With two producing vineyards in Palisade, the tasting room was added in 2011. This is a passion and we are not finished yet!

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"5 wine destinations off the beaten path"
Today Show

"TripAdvisor travel advocate Wendy Perrin suggests vineyards across the country that will please parents,, and offers city attractions the whole family can enjoy."

"The 9 Best Wineries in Colorado!"
-Americantowns Media

"Although not the biggest winery on this list, Hermosa Vineyards is sure one of the tastiest. Also located in the arid-desert of western Colorado in Palisade, Hermosa strives to create incredible wines from the finest fruits."

Wine Accolades

"The Top Vineyards All Around the U.S."
-Travel & Leisure

"Travelers who tour vineyards and indulge in a few glasses of the house speciality are unlikely to leave less cheery. But there are a few select vineyards around the country that go above and beyond to astound visitors."

Regarding Pets and Animals at Hermosa Vineyards
*Service Animals Only*

Service animals, specifically trained to aid a person with a disability, are welcome. Emotional support and companion animals do not constitute service animals.

​For information or to file a complaint, please continue to - HERE

U. S. Attorney's Office for the District of Colorado

1801 California Street, Suite 1600

Denver, Colorado 80202

Phone: 303-454-0100




Tasting Hours

Mon - Fri

11:00 am – 05:00 pm

Sat- Sun

10:00 am – 05:00 pm

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